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Aquapro (Probiotic feed supplement for fishes & prawns)

Micronz AquaPro is an improved microbial formulation for effective fishes, prawns & pearl culture. It is based on the mechanism of producing compounds those are inhibitory towards pathogens, will increase competition with harmful microorganisms for nutrients and energy, competition with deleterious species for adhesion sites. Also enhances the immune response of aquatic life, improvement in water quality and interaction with phytoplankton etc.


• Improves the FCR or the digestive system in fish and prawns.

• Cleans the water by reducing BOD, COD, TSS & TDS and increases the DO levels.

• Helps to stabilize pH of water.

• Suppresses the population of harmful microbes or vibrios through competitive exclusion.

• Reduces mortality in both fish and prawns by controlling White spot, yellow head syndrome etc diseases through enhanced immunity.

• Creates better molting in prawns.

• Improves quality of fish and prawns - higher rate for the farmers.

Application Procedure:

Direct Application:Spray 5 litres/per Acer of AquaPro into the pond.

Feed Application: Mix 1 litre of AquaPro with every 50 Kgs of feed.

Leave it for 24 hours before releasing the feed into the pond.

* Dosing pattern shall be altered as per the results.

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