Household Care Solutions

Today’s modern houses are loaded with toxic & polluting substances that lead us to allergies, asthma, sinusitis or bronchitis etc. While reducing these hazardous chemicals such as phenol, benzalkonium chloride, acids etc. we came up with 100 % eco-friendly & safe cleaning alternatives.

We provide unique solutions with innovative microbial based cleaning products for better cleaning result with less efforts and time impact. At Micronz Inc. we are delivering high performance and more sustainable range of bio cleaning solution for general household and institutional cleaning. Our ranges of products are developed by combing technical expertise to in depth consumer inside.

Our Products


Master Cleaner a simple cost effective solution to all our cleaning needs with no adverse impact on the environment.

In Micronz, we develop a great alternative to dangerous and toxic chemicals that we use in our daily lives. The chemicals found in normal cleaning products can cause cancer, skin irritations, respiratory problems, decrease in immunity, reproductive toxicity and disrupt the endocrine system. They are dangerous for small children and pets. They further go into the environment and cause sever damage to water quality and threaten organisms that help us in our daily lives.


Cleans dirt and grime efficiently

Suppresses foul odour.

Easy to apply.

Versatile cleaner to cater all our daily needs.

Eco friendly in nature & Cost effective.ts the leachate emanating from solid waste, which can otherwise pollute the environment.

Application Procedure

Floor and Walls : Spray directly, wipe and wash with clean water.

Bathroom : Apply directly, mop and wash with clean water.

Kitchen : Apply directly on dirty surface accordingly and rub with scrubber followed by clean water.

Home Appliances : Spray & wipe with duster cloth.

Automobiles : Spray on the body & wipe with duster cloth.

Furniture : Spray Master Cleaner on the dirty surface & rub with soft hands.


100% Certified Biological Foul Odour Controller

Micronz FreshStart is a ready to use microbial liquid concentrate with a fast action foul odor controlling or suppressing property that quickly eliminates offensive odors from the source and create a pleasant environment. It's a natural, biodegradable, non-pathogenic foul ordor neutralizer and formulated without using harsh chemicals or fragrances.

It is a certified organic can be sprayed on carpets, walls, fabrics and a variety of other surfaces to eliminate odor from pets, smoke, excrement, and other organic matter widely applicable in public toilets/washrooms, food preparation areas, refuse & waste storage areas, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Animal kernels & veterinarian clinics , Motels, Hotels etc.


Quickly suppresses the bad odour naturally without chemical

Efficient control of vectors such as mosquitoes, flies & other insects

Multipurpose, easy & safe to use

Kills pathogens & germs

100% certified organic, eco-friendly in nature

Application Procedure

Spray Fresh Start around the surface per the requirement.