The progressive degradation of best practice for animal husbandry is a growing environmental & social problem, given that it endangers the quality food safety of increasing world population. That prompts us to avail best solution with improved feed hygiene while ensuring the better health, productivity & nutritive value of animals.

Our range of products includes :

Micronz AniCARE :

An advanced probiotic for Animals and Birds to improve their health while improving the digestive system and food absorption rate in their Gut.

Packing available Liquid – 250 ml, 1000 ml

Potency: 7 x 1010 cells/ml

Self life – 1 year

Micronz claiGEL :

A calcium supplement for better growth of animal and birds. It also helps to increase milk production in cattle’s.

Packing available Liquid – 5 liters, 20 liters

Self life – 2 year

Our Products


aniCARE+ is a consortium of selective micro-organisms such as Lactobacillious spp., Bifidiobacterium & Saccromyces cerevicae for the improvement in growth, milk production and better digestion efficiency of Animals & Birds.

The mechanism by which Micronz AniCare+ improves feed conversion efficiency which includes alteration in intestinal flora, enhances the growth of non-pathogenic facultative anaerobic & gram positive bacteria forming lactic acid and various useful metabolites, also suppress the growth of intestinal pathogens; hence improves the digestion with proper utilization of nutrients.


It increases the quantity of milk and fat production in ruminants and meat in paultry.

It improves digestion and assimilation of the nutrients that leads to excellent health, weight gain and optimum productivity.

Improvement in immune system leading to reduction in diseases.

It effectively control and suppresses the foul odor that is very common to livestock & paultry farms.

Product Literature:

Calcium Gel

Calcium Gel is a nutritional source of calcium used to help maintain normal calcium levels in cows during the critical pre-calving and immediate post-calving period. Calcium Gel is an easy to use non-irritating source of calcium in a bland vegetable oil gel. A small amount of oil may appear in the gel. This is normal and does not affect the use of the product.

DOSAGE: The recommended initial dose is one tube of gel for freshening dairy cattle given before or after calving. If milk fever develops, administer one tube following regular intravenous milk fever treatment to provide supplemental oral calcium. Administer another tube 8 to 16 hours later. If condition continues, consult your veterinarian. Total dose will vary according to the animal’s condition. Do not exceed 2 doses within 24 hours except on the advice of a veterinarian.