Solid Waste Treatment Solutions

We came up with various composting models to cater your industrial, domestic and agricultural waste related issues. The onset of industrialization and the sustained urban growth of large population centers in India, the buildup of waste in the cities caused a rapid deterioration in levels of sanitation and the general quality of urban life. In rural areas, farmers are unable to utilize the resource properly, very much engaged in burning their agricultural biomass in the field irrespective of the adverse effect on soil micro flora, water and air.

We have developed different methods of carrying out composting any organic biomass or feedstock. The waste could be Industrial, Municipal or Agricultural. A biological processing in used in waste management is to control and accelerate the natural process of decomposition of organic matter.

Our Products


Micronz-Soil Boost is the most advanced microbial product created with an intensive research & development to manage all type of solid waste. The product quickly carries out bio - stabilization of any organic waste at a minimal time frame. The organic waste is converted into enriched compost and production of green house gases is arrested to a large extent. The volume of waste is also reduced and there is a suppression of foul odour.


• Faster Composting: Within 30-40 days from any organic waste –leading to saving in space & cost.

• Production of Enriched Compost: Creates more nutrients in the compost thereby enriching it.

• Control of Vectors: Population of vectors like mosquitoes & flies that spread various diseases are suppressed.

• Efficient treatment of leachate: It treats the leachate emanating from solid waste, which can otherwise pollute the environment.

Application Procedure:

General Heap Method

Clear an area of about 8' x 4'. This area should be carefully selected in a open field.

Spray 200 ml SoilBoost on the cleared area to enable microbes to work from below and also maintain necessary moisture from below as well.

Place a layer of plant waste or all energy material about 1 feet thickness.

Spray diluted Micronz SoilBoost on top of this layer properly to rinse the biomass. Do not leave out the corners. Use a fork while rinsing