Agriculture, always be an occupation that suffices one of the most important basic requirement of the population i.e Food but the growth rate in the Country has stagnated over the years due to non-sustainable practices along with excessive use of chemicals that leads us to soil contamination & other deleterious consequences.

We are a team of highly experienced Agronomist's and Microbiologists with new ways and methods of farming to increase crop production. A step ahead in order to developed a food surplus as well as contributing to concerns of soil health, environmental pollution, pesticide toxicity and sustainability of agricultural produce. Therefore, we came up with an advanced growth promoter with seed treatment & pest repellent features to increase quantity with quality of crops while reducing the cost of cultivation.

Our technology based on a certain consortium of selective microorganisms associated with plants to fulfill important functions for plant growth and health. The complete mechanism of plant–microbe interactions is based on improved nutrient acquisition and hormonal stimulation with the suppression of plant pathogens, which is often indirectly connected with plant growth and used as biofertilizers, plant strengtheners, phytostimulators, and biopesticides. Altogether, the use of microorganisms and the exploration of beneficial plant–microbe interactions with agricultural science, we are offering promising and environmental friendly products for conventional and organic agriculture worldwide.

IFAOM Certified Input for Organic Agriculture